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Garwood Campus (110 Center St.) 10am-12pm – March 23 and April 27

Warren Campus (10 North Rd.) 2pm-4pm, March 23 and April 27

Montessori: Ages Infant to 1st Grade

(Montessori philosophy promotes independence and creativity.)

Language Immersion (Chinese/Spanish)

Pre-School and Kindergarten

Afterschool Learning Center: Ages K – 9th Grade

School Bus Pick-Ups

Foreign Language (Chinese/Spanish)

Enrichments & Tutoring

Small English/Math Classes

ABOUT SPRING ACADEMY: Spring Academy prepares our students to be well-rounded human beings with a strong desire for success! Our Montessori program teaches young children using the Montessori philosophy to build a solid academic foundation, develop independence, and celebrate diversity. Our extra-curriculum enrichment programs not only help children excel academically and develop life-long skills, but also assist them in discovering their true talents. Our aim is to reinforce an innate love of learning in our children and help them reach their maximum potential!


Situated in a quiet residential neighborhood just a half mile from the Warren town center, this venue features a beautifully-renovated building with lots of natural light and ample parking. Two spacious Montessori classrooms, a transition room with its own toddler bathroom facility and a cheerful infant room all lead to a large outdoor playground with dedicated playing areas for different age groups.

Our Garwood location is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Garwood in a stand-alone building housing six spacious classrooms, an outdoor play area and one large multi-purpose room for anything from ballet to Tai Chi.

Coming Soon!  New Location in Westfield, NJ



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A very unique Montessori School with excellent teachers and a very neat and huge facility. Offers music and drawing classes as well.

Meera (Scotch Plains)

Very nice. Spring Academy provides prompt feedback. Update student status daily and academic improvement weekly. A good place to learn Chinese every day as well. All teachers are very responsible and nice to kids.

Jie C (Warren Location)

My daughter has learned to respect others and become an independent learner. Her teachers have stressed making good choices and guided her in becoming a responsible student and trying her best. She loves her friends and really likes when her hard work pays off and she gets a special treat at the end of the day. She also loves Ms. Hira especially and all of her teachers.

I would recommend Spring Academy to others because I like the smaller feel of the school and that I have a direct line of communication with the teachers at all times. They go above and beyond to ensure that my daughter is happy and doing well. We are proud to be a part of the Spring Academy family. I appreciate all the feedback (negative and positive) on my daughter's progress from the teachers and feel like they share similar philosophies for disciplining her when necessary. It is so important to know that your child is in a safe and loving environment that will do their very best to help her grow.

Petra (Warren Location)

My daughters have benefited greatly from attending Spring Academy. Firstly, I needed a program to challenge my bright and driven oldest daughter. She was born soon after the kindergarten cutoff and therefore older than her cohorts. She had previously mastered the standard Pre-K curriculum at typical preschools but at Spring Academy they were able to meet her needs to learn more and stay engaged. When she got to kindergarten, her teacher felt she could skip a reading level!

Spring Academy also benefited my middle daughter by gently encouraging her to achieve success. Her personality is opposite her sister and needs the encouragement! My husband and I saw a great improvement in their spoken English after only a month of attendance.

My son is still very young - For toddlers, the best part about Spring Academy is that while it is structured it is still homey enough that my children at different ages can still be siblings and interact with each other throughout the day.  Young toddlers look up to and try to embody their older siblings - older siblings which are setting great examples with the guidance of Spring Academy.

All my kids love the staff at Spring Academy. To call them staff is just too removed - we are too friendly and familiar and comfortable with each other and care for them as much as they care for our children. My daughters can't wait to return to after-school lessons at Spring Academy.

I would absolutely recommend Spring Academy to others. Don't be afraid or worried about half day Chinese lessons. You don't have to be Chinese to benefit: unlock your child's mind to a different language and cultural immersion. Sometimes I too start learning! I hear them practice their numbers and reading and they too become familiar to me. Spring Academy provides a very interactive and all-encompassing learning environment from toddlers to elementary school.

Spring Academy is the sweet spot between a corporate preschool chain and a nanny - individual time, time with same age/level kids and time with everyone together but never overcrowded/overwhelmed and forgotten. Spring Academy has provided my children with the tools to succeed early by being positive and supportive - they are doing math & reading well before starting kindergarten.

Spring Academy is a great place for even toddlers - they are so warm and welcoming. Since my son was one-years-old he has gleefully hopped and skipped into school without a tear. Spring Academy allows my older toddler to participate with preschool kids - he feels like a big kid! The empowerment Spring Academy provides, even to my toddler, provides them the positive attitude and self-esteem to strive. Spring Academy has an excellent student/teacher ratio for toddlers - they receive the care and attention little bodies need

Jennifer (Warren Location)

I’m Josiah’s mom and my son has been attending Spring Academy for almost three months. My husband and I are both Hispanic; neither of us speak or understand Chinese; but we are exited to see that Josiah is learning China’s culture and traditions. continue reading  

Katiuska M. (Scotch Plains Location)

Thank you for running the amazing programs! My son is having a great time at Spring Academy. Thanks to Mr Bruce, he is looking forward to his math assignment. He loves the attention and trying to put more effort into his study. Overall, we give five stars! Thanks

Jane (Garwood Location)

Our daughter's experience was a positive one. She made new friends and learned what it was like to sit and "work". Her overall discipline has improved through Spring Academy. Your staff is very friendly which is a breath of fresh air! Our daughter appreciated how she was able to color "characters" when it was time for a little fun. She was always proud to hang her workbook on the refrigerator and discuss what she learned. Keep up the good work.

Lori & Chris (Warren Location)