Testimonial from Katiuska M. (Scotch Plains Location)

I’m Josiah’s mom and my son has been attending Spring Academy for almost three months. My husband and I are both Hispanic; neither of us speak or understand Chinese; but we are exited to see that Josiah is learning China’s culture and traditions.

Since day one I have seen the love, dedication and professionalism of Ms. Maggie and Miss Vanessa. I love to bring Josiah in the mornings and see how his face lights up when he sees his friends and teachers.  Ms Vanessa and Miss Maggie always have a big smile for us too. I’m exited to see how much he is learning and grateful for the love they give my son. It’s so nice to get  pictures and videos during the day of their activities; it’s like having a little secret window into their world.

I want to specially recognized the work of Ms. Maggie and Miss Vanessa; I see how hard they work to educate them and how much they care for every single child. When I come in the mornings I see them being loving, compassionate and understanding of other kids and I go to work with a huge smile in my face knowing that my son is getting a good education in a safe/loving environment. Miss Vanessa and Ms. Maggie always make time to talk to me even if it’s their lunch time. They listen to my concerns and offer positive suggestions and ideas to help my son accomplish his goals.  I know there is still a lot more work to be done with Josiah; but I have full confidence that Josiah will be able to reach his full potential with their help and guidance.

My son is a very active 3 year old who never runs out of energy; but I have never heard a complain from Miss. Vanessa or Ms. Maggie; actually totally they opposite. They suggest better ways to channel his energy and correct his behaviors. I’m soooo grateful to them

I also want to thank Jill for the opportunity she gave our family to be part of the Spring Academy family.

Thank you!

Katiuska M. from Scotch Plains


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