Garwood Staff

Mr. Peter

Assistant Director.  Mr. Peter is a certified middle school and high school math teacher with over 15 years of experience. He provides a fun, loving environment for our students through a direct and effective teaching approach.

Miss Cindra

Teacher. With over five years of teaching experience, Miss Cindra is an invaluable language arts teacher for our K-2nd grade students . Prior to joining the Spring Academy staff, she worked in the Westfield school district.

Mr. Alan

Teacher. Mr. Alan is a supportive high school math and education teacher specializing in Olympiad math training, including MOENS, ANC 8, ANC 10, ANC 12 and AIME.

Miss Zhang

Teacher. Miss Zhang has been a Chinese education teacher  for over 20 years. She has a patient and warm teaching approach and creates a fun Chinese learning experience for our students.

Miss Hu

Teacher. Miss Hu is a veteran Chinese teacher with over 30 years of trusted experience. She is currently a principal at a Chinese elementary school. Her teaching strategies prove to be effective time and time again.

Mr. G

Teacher.  Mr. G received his Bachelor of Science in Math and provides excellent JEI math instruction to Spring Academy students. He is loved for his ability to make math digestible and easy to understand.

Mr. D

Teacher. Mr. D comes to Spring Academy with over 13 years of language arts teaching experience. He also led his middle school drama club for 11 years. Mr. D teaches small group English classes to help students in grades 1-8 prepare for the PARCC test.

Mrs. P

Teacher. Mrs P. joins Spring Academy with over six years of experience, teaching at a high school in Hoboken, New Jersey. She currently teaches small group English classes in grades three through high school prepare for the PARCC test.  Mrs. P teaches with the utmost care and patience.

Ms. Lucy

Teacher. Ms. Lucy is a high school certified math teacher, teaching at North Plainfield High School. She makes complex math straightforward for our students and teaches pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calc, and geometry.

Ms. Erica

Teacher. Ms. Erica has been a trusted high school math teacher for many years in Scotch Plains. She has two years of teaching experience in Subject Math at Spring Academy.

Mr. H

Teacher. Mr. H obtained his master’s degree in Finance and Mathematics. He has been an experienced Math tutor for many years and developed many programs for Spring Academy including Mental Math and Olympiad Math.

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