Garwood After School Enrichment Program

After School (5 years old – 13 years old)


Our After-School programs not only help children excel academically and develop life-long skills, but assist them in discovering their true talents. Our enrichment programs include Homework Club, foreign language, and many other optional programs. Our development programs include ballet/Chinese dance, art, chess, Karate, music, and vocal instruction.

We offer school bus pick-ups directly from your child’s school! (Please call us to find out if your child’s school is on our bus route.)  Our After School program gives you peace of mind as you know your children are in good hands while enhancing their academic skills and developing life-long talents.

Included Programs:

Homework Help – Assists students in completing their school assignments.

Foreign Languages – Provides one daily session in Chinese language and additional practice. Aligns with the official HSK testing standards.

Math Additional Practices and Help – Provides additional math practices and helps students advance their math skills levels.

Chinese Club and Art Classes – The Chinese Club helps students gain insights into Chinese culture. Art classes are taught by professional art teachers and make the after school program more enjoyable while developing creativity.

Chinese Painting/Gym/Computer Programming – Provides children the opportunity for creativity, physical activity, learning and fun!

Optional Programs:

JEI English/JEI Math – A program using systematic methods to raise English and Math levels.

English Language Arts – This is an effective, systematic method of teaching students the essential ELA skills and advance their levels. It’s designed to help students score higher on Standardized Tests. Past PARCC test results have proved the high effectiveness of our program.

Critical Thinking – This course will focus on various subjects such as Math, English, Social Studies, Science and uses critical thinking skills and verbal/non-verbal analogies.

Tae Kwon Do & Kung Fu – Formal classes with level tests promoting concentration, discipline, strength and free mind.  Students wear uniforms.

Chess –Students will learn strategies and skills.  Qualified students have opportunities to enter tournaments.

Dance  – Students will be taught various dance skills in Ballet, Folk, Acro. and more.

Arts  – Offered on Sundays.

Percussion Lessons  – Offered on Monday Evenings.

Tutoring – Individual tutoring is available upon request.

Popular classes could be offered on both weekends and weekdays.

To see a comprehensive schedule of our offerings, please click here After School Program Schedule and Fees


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