Chinese Immersion Program

Chinese Immersion (2 1/2 years old – 6 years old)

Studies have found that language immersion programs, where at least 50 percent of the time students spend learning a secondary language, work wonders in developing students’ language fluency, cognitive development, and academic skills.

For Chinese Immersion, we build in the Montessori philosophy through the language of Mandarin Chinese and also teach Chinese culture. Our goal is to train our children to master the complicated yet most popular language from an early age, thus prepare them to be global citizens. There is also an option for students to take half day Montessori sessions and half-day Chinese Immersion sessions daily.

Click here to understand how your child’s development is tracked based on his/her age group. For questions, feel free to call us.


A Spring Academy Student Learns Chinese

Listen to a Spring Academy Preschooler Speak Chinese with the correct pitch and pronunciation.

Listen to a Spring Academy Student Read Chinese


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