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Good Reading Comprehension & Writing Skills are Key to Success at Standardized Testing (SAT/ACT)

Many people believe that 10th grade is the best time to begin preparing for college exams (SAT/ACT) – anytime before that is too early. Well, truth is – most of the students who receive outstanding scores of 1550 to 1600 started to prepare for the tests as early as 9th grade.  From our experience, 10th graders can undergo intensive training and efforts to achieve significant headway in college prep, especially in writing, grammar and mathematics but progress in reading is relatively slow. Reading skills need to be nurtured over a long period of time from an early age.

Students who have solid reading comprehension skills will not only improve their SAT scores and chances of being accepted into their choice university, but will also improve their overall performance in high school on a broad range of tests and exams

Many of our past students have expressed appreciation for our instructors for not only helping them score high enough on their SATS to get into their university of choice but also for helping them develop useful reading and writing skills that are needed in high school, college and beyond including medical School (MCAT), Business School (GMAT), and Law School (LSAT) entrance exams.

All three Graduate School entrance exams mentioned above include a reading analysis and writing component.  For example, in a medical school (MCAT) exam, verbal occupies a significant part of the exam. Similarly, for business school and law school, the verbal component is a large part of the GMAT and LSAT entrance exam. In addition to reading analysis, the scope of the material includes humanities and social sciences.

Now we see the importance of reading comprehension and writing skills in all of the standardized testing, from ACT/SAT/MCAT/GMAT/LSAT, etc… Why are these skills so important in entrance exams? Because graduate schools want to know that students are coming in with a broad knowledge base and have the ability to absorb and analyze new information efficiently and effectively.

For these reasons alone, it’s beneficial to develop reading and writing skills early on, some believe as early as seventh or eighth grade! In addition, reading and writing can also help a student’s performance on the PARCC exams at school.

Below are SAT reading comprehension and writing skill set requirements:


  •        Paraphrasing
  •        Summarizing
  •        Identifying the Key Concept/Critical Detail
  •        Understanding Vocabulary in Context
  •        Drawing Conclusions
  •        Making Predictions

Analysis / Synthesis:

  •        Explicit and Implicit Inferences
  •        Making Generalizations
  •        Analyzing Visuals
  •        Cause-Effect Organization
  •        Chronological Organization
  •        Comparison-Contrast Organization
  •        Point-by-Point Organization
  •        Scope and Treatment
  •        Audience
  •        Synthesizing Information

Argument / Rhetoric:

  •        Elements of an Argument
  •        Analyzing Arguments
  •        Logical Fallacies
  •        Types of Evidence
  •        Persuasive Techniques
  •        Evaluating Credibility
  •        Analyzing Tone
  •        Point of View
  •        Author’s Style
  •        Author’s Purpose

The learning process can be categorized into three stages: basic Skills (Learn), basic skills (apply), and skillful (Master). The first stage is learning the basics skills, the second stage is practicing these techniques in simple text. The third stage is using these techniques in more complex literature and text.

In our courses, students will be tested periodically to determine their progression and skill levels. Based on these tests, adjustments can be made in our teaching methods and materials to accommodate each student and his/her level and needs.

Marlboro Learning Center, a company specializing in SAT/ACT training for over 15 years, is joining forces with Spring Academy/JEI campus in Garwood NJ, to offer special comprehensive reading & writing courses to our local community!

Current course offerings and schedules – Garwood (110 Center St.)

6th to 8th grades:  Reading/Writing/Essay class — Sundays, 9:30 am -11:00 am

9th to 10th Grades:  SAT Reading/writing/essay class  — Sundays, 11:00 am -12:30 pm

This 9th/10th grade class is taught by Center’s ace teacher Holly Professor Fox. Ms. Fox is a licensed teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching the SAT and university-level reading and writing courses.

FREE TESTING: Sunday (11/19) 10am to 11am, all interested students are invited to come into our center for a free evaluation.  For more information or to sign up please call (908) 301-6168, or email us: springacademy168@gmail.com



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